perjantai 23. syyskuuta 2011


Yesterday was Mabon, the 2nd autumn sabbath or fest however you want to call it. It's an Autumn equinox, actually. And how I celebrated it? Em... I bought one turnip, half. And a bag of freeze vegetables (carrot, onion etc.).

Here's some Mabon cooking examples -> :)

This is time to use roots, onions and cabbage. Carrot, potato, cellery, black oyster plant, sweet potato, turnips, onions... Maybe even a pumpkin. But it doesn't grow here in Finland, the groceries orders them from USA, for example.

Some flowers are still blooming and they're glowing especially in rain:

I think they enjoy the rain.

maanantai 19. syyskuuta 2011

Day 8 and the day without life of a dogsitter

Yesterday went well. 'Mom' and 'dad' came in 00.30 and Minka went crazy. :) We ate Mc Applepie :p and watched, how Minka killed her new toy; a pink seahorse.

It was sad to sleep without warm and fluffy little dog. And when I woke up, I felt sadness. I want to move from my parents to live alone! I really don't like the smell of tobacco, I don't like it when my mom comes inside my room without knocking (she usually touches lightly the door but it's not enough). I like to listen music and be on the computer and watch tv when I want to...

My room on my parents is only 8 square metre, I have too much stuff in my room and I hate, hate, hate moths, which eat little holes in my clothes... > : ( (I know, it rhymes.) And I don't like to use the livingroom computer (I don't have own) and be always there, where my parents are. I want to 'grow up', live in MY own apartment, pay bills, eat lightly and watch carefully where my money goes. I don't want to hear those words all the time when I'm going out: "Where are you going? When you come? Do you come to eat a dinner? I think you're just a few hours?"

I know that my mom is interested of my life and that she wants to know things, but I am 22, I don't want to share whole my life to my parents and I don't want to always tell, what a heck I'm going to do and I don't wanna say exactly, when I will come home...

I wished, that I write a grown up -like story about dogsitters life: what I felt about being a dogsitter, what was nice and what wasn't, what I know now... But I wanted to share my feelings under this sweet journey. Maybe you all understand it? :)

Ok, there we go.

-It wasn't so nice to collect fillings of toys from my bed BUT I learned to smile to it.
-Sometimes I didn't want to wake up in 7.25 am to go a morning walk, BUT sometimes it was quite ok to follow happy dog and feel like a morning zombie. :D (Mmm, beeeeeeeeeeeds...)
-My time was in periods; when I must go to take a walk with Minka. I didn't have a time to go to shop and be in a bar drinking a mojito with my friend BUT I learned to what my life could be if I will hjave a dog and I would live alone.

-Walks, especially a walk in 11 pm.
-Little bunnies eating grass.
-Sleeping with Minka <3.
-Having the whole apartment AND tv, a computer, shower etc.
-Little water turtle Retsi alias Rénee.
-Homemade food.
-And many other things.

I want breakfast! I'm hungry, not-so-zombie! Thanks reading my adventures. :)

sunnuntai 18. syyskuuta 2011

Day 6 and 7 - life of a dogsitter

Yesterday I was too tired to write. I had my close friend and her boyfriend visiting and we were having fun. Playing Truth or Dare, eating apple pie, playing with Minka.

Minkas owners return home today. They will come dramatically in the midnight :D. I'm waiting one of my friends, Mari. She's going to eat late lunch with me. I made few days ago macaroni casserole.

Minka is laying on my bed, nose in a sunny spot.

perjantai 16. syyskuuta 2011

Day 5 - life of a dogsitter

I met a nice woman in a morning walk. It was pleasant to be social and talk about cats and dogs. (I wrote first accidentally 'gods' :D)

Yesterday Minka didn't ate. I think she is an eating disorder dog: sometimes she eats well and sometimes she fasts. :p She chews bones, so maybe she isn't sick. She didn't ate her breakfast, though there was fish & chiken paste, out flakes and dogs dry food. I hope she will eat after we go in a daywalk

The owners will return in Sunday, yay. I miss talkative people. Just talking to a dog and ball.jointed dolls don't keep me normal. :D In some reason, I haven't met my friends. Lots of things to do.

Minka is sleeping on my bed, leaning to pillow.

I have a headache. Hoping it's going away soon.

I almost forgot: I made first cloth ever to my ball-pointed doll! Kimono-like shirt. :)

torstai 15. syyskuuta 2011

Day 4 - life of a dogsitter

Today I visited in my parents home (where I really live) and I took a nap. Nothing special.

Minka wanted to chase bunnies, but instead we went to a long night walk, across the dark forest. And it wasn't so scary that I pondered. Actually, it wasn't scary at all! Normally I don't go in a forest in night, because it scares me too much, but on the other hand I wasn't alone today. :)

And what people normally scares in a forest? I think that we scare two things:

1. Our inherited fear of "what if there is beasts?"
2. Nature / world spirits. We sense something and our imagination runs like an unicorn, and we can imagine all kind of things hanging out in the forest.

But now, if you don't mind, we're going to sleep. See ya tomorrow!

PS. I baked an amazing delicious apple pie.

keskiviikko 14. syyskuuta 2011

Day 3 - Life of a dogsitter

Words of this day:

ADHD playing dog
scary tram
strong wind
nice tram driver
very exhausted dog
long walks
lots of people, who wants to play
soft bed


- - - Notice: every picture in this Dogsitters life- thing is from Google. - - -

tiistai 13. syyskuuta 2011

Day 2 - Life of a dogsitter

The morning walk done. Food done - I even heated it a little bit, I read that dog sometimes doesn't like fridge-cold food.

Today I'm going again in the art gallery. My friend (and my crush) is going to see it. Usually only few people visit there. It's a little bit sad, because we have used much time to create the gallery. And there so amazing photos and paintings. :)

Btw, If you are interested of it, here's an address:
Aleksis Kiven katu 50, Helsinki
open only in this week: Tuesday 11-16, Wednesday 11-18

We saw a tiny two-pointed ladybug in my bed. I think it is a good fortune sign. I let it go to a balcony. And today we saw six gooses flying over us. It was cool. ^^

Now I must to eat breakfast, brush my hair and teeth... It's so sleepy here, rain knocking on the window, a fluffy dog playing, music waving from tv... But I can't go to bed, besides I fall asleep. :D

maanantai 12. syyskuuta 2011

Day 1, part 2

When I came home from the art gallery, I found an interesting thing on my bed. All over the bed was pieces of balljointed doll shoe and killed rubber pig. :p A pig was quite fine, but his snout was gone and the filling was escaping.

It was very nice to collect  the mess.

...Minka is killing the rubber pig again! She pushes that pig violently against a wall. Wait a minute, now she dropped it to the floor. And now she is poking it all over the room. :D How cruel the world is! Oh, now Minka went to hunt something else to chew (I heard a screaming dog toy) and left the pig. :)

In the afternoon we went a long walk. Weather was cloudy, but warm. I really love the smell of autumn! Wet soil, leaves and trees.

I made a delicious dinner: mashed boiled potatos with butter and cottage cheese. It's an old recipe from my childhood.

Day 1 - Life of dogsitter

Last night I forgot a cottage cheese can on a table. And I was very tired.

I slept quite well, but I woke up 20min too early. And yes, those twenty minutes are precious. :P ('Cause I have sleeping pills.) I'm still very tired.

I crawled out with a very sleepy face. The weather was good, a little bit windy. We saw a little, brown bunny and of course Minka (the dog) wanted to run after it. :)

I got a warm morning gift from Minka. Nothing feels better than a working insestine. :D Something to tell to "mom" and "daddy". :D

I'm going out soon, in some art gallery, which me and others created in Leikkiväki ry. Guarding art and cookies. x)

I'm still very sleepy, perhaps a cup of tea would help me?


sunnuntai 11. syyskuuta 2011

Koiravahdin elämää

Ystäväni lähtee viikoksi Bulgariaan ja asun hänen kämpällään koiravahtina. Hoidettavana on pieni, mustavalkea sekarotuinen ADHD-koira sekä pienehkö koira-allergia, mutta eiköhän kaikki hoidu astmalääkkeillä ja Heinixillä. :)

Olin jo yhden yön, jotta koiran mamma ja pappa ehtivät ohjeistaa minua kaikesta mahdollisesta. Vieressä on muutaman sadan metrin päässä eläinlääkäri, roskiskatos löytyy ihan vierestä, osaan ehkä jopa käynnistää tiskikoneen, koiran harja on pöydällä, kilpikonnan saa ruokkia... :D

En ole vähään aikaan kirjoittanut, koska en ole yksinkertaisesti vain jaksanut.

Tilasin tuossa perjantaina hartsinuken! Eli olen koukuttunut minäkin. Whoops...

Vähän jännittää, että miten kaikki sujuu täällä. Pitää osata rytmittää päivä ulkoilujen mukaan. Luulen, että tämänkin keissin jälkeen haluan silti vain kissan tahi siilin. :j