tiistai 22. huhtikuuta 2014

Spring time

Hi everybody! From now on I'm gonna write more in English, less in Finnish. I think it makes good for me. I know that I'm not so good at writing in English, but who actually cares? It is more important to try.

I moved in my new apartment in October 2013. There was yellow-orange-red coloured maple leaves in trees and on the ground. In the winter, I put some cotton wool in window slits, because was too cold, and warmth ran away. The apartment temperature rose four celsius from 14 to 18. And I helped my neighbour too (about 20 years old woman with 2 years old boy) in that same way.

Winter was suprisingly short and spring came earlier. That was really nice, normally winter in Finland is long, dark, very snowy and cold. But there is one that I don't like in long spring: allergies. I'm allergic to street dust, which come from sand what "hiekoittaja" puts on walking streets to keep slipperiness away. And I'm allergic to birch too. So I need some tissues, inhalator and allergy medicine. Nice. I'm so waiting that birches are done spreading their seeds.

Now I must go, I don't wanna miss my tram. :)

A pond with willows in Pikku-Huopalahti, Helsinki