maanantai 12. syyskuuta 2011

Day 1 - Life of dogsitter

Last night I forgot a cottage cheese can on a table. And I was very tired.

I slept quite well, but I woke up 20min too early. And yes, those twenty minutes are precious. :P ('Cause I have sleeping pills.) I'm still very tired.

I crawled out with a very sleepy face. The weather was good, a little bit windy. We saw a little, brown bunny and of course Minka (the dog) wanted to run after it. :)

I got a warm morning gift from Minka. Nothing feels better than a working insestine. :D Something to tell to "mom" and "daddy". :D

I'm going out soon, in some art gallery, which me and others created in Leikkiväki ry. Guarding art and cookies. x)

I'm still very sleepy, perhaps a cup of tea would help me?


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