torstai 8. toukokuuta 2014

Rainy day

The rain drops at a lake, in Mäntyharju, Finland

When I woke up and started to listen, I heard how rain drops knocked to my window. It's one of my favourite nature sounds, so gentle and so soft. I like walking in the rain, often without an umbrella. And I like to watch people with umbrellas that what kind of colour they have. And if somebody have a colourful umbrella, I think: "Yay! More colour to grayness."

I have two umbrellas; a tiny, bag-fitting white little pal with red and black dots, and a big, old style umbrella with all rainbow colours in it (but without violet, it's a shame).

Today I'm gonna take a little rain walk, just after I'm shaked off my morning tiredness. And because rain is kinda forceful, I will take my big umbrella to the walk. :)