maanantai 12. syyskuuta 2011

Day 1, part 2

When I came home from the art gallery, I found an interesting thing on my bed. All over the bed was pieces of balljointed doll shoe and killed rubber pig. :p A pig was quite fine, but his snout was gone and the filling was escaping.

It was very nice to collect  the mess.

...Minka is killing the rubber pig again! She pushes that pig violently against a wall. Wait a minute, now she dropped it to the floor. And now she is poking it all over the room. :D How cruel the world is! Oh, now Minka went to hunt something else to chew (I heard a screaming dog toy) and left the pig. :)

In the afternoon we went a long walk. Weather was cloudy, but warm. I really love the smell of autumn! Wet soil, leaves and trees.

I made a delicious dinner: mashed boiled potatos with butter and cottage cheese. It's an old recipe from my childhood.

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