perjantai 16. syyskuuta 2011

Day 5 - life of a dogsitter

I met a nice woman in a morning walk. It was pleasant to be social and talk about cats and dogs. (I wrote first accidentally 'gods' :D)

Yesterday Minka didn't ate. I think she is an eating disorder dog: sometimes she eats well and sometimes she fasts. :p She chews bones, so maybe she isn't sick. She didn't ate her breakfast, though there was fish & chiken paste, out flakes and dogs dry food. I hope she will eat after we go in a daywalk

The owners will return in Sunday, yay. I miss talkative people. Just talking to a dog and ball.jointed dolls don't keep me normal. :D In some reason, I haven't met my friends. Lots of things to do.

Minka is sleeping on my bed, leaning to pillow.

I have a headache. Hoping it's going away soon.

I almost forgot: I made first cloth ever to my ball-pointed doll! Kimono-like shirt. :)

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