maanantai 19. syyskuuta 2011

Day 8 and the day without life of a dogsitter

Yesterday went well. 'Mom' and 'dad' came in 00.30 and Minka went crazy. :) We ate Mc Applepie :p and watched, how Minka killed her new toy; a pink seahorse.

It was sad to sleep without warm and fluffy little dog. And when I woke up, I felt sadness. I want to move from my parents to live alone! I really don't like the smell of tobacco, I don't like it when my mom comes inside my room without knocking (she usually touches lightly the door but it's not enough). I like to listen music and be on the computer and watch tv when I want to...

My room on my parents is only 8 square metre, I have too much stuff in my room and I hate, hate, hate moths, which eat little holes in my clothes... > : ( (I know, it rhymes.) And I don't like to use the livingroom computer (I don't have own) and be always there, where my parents are. I want to 'grow up', live in MY own apartment, pay bills, eat lightly and watch carefully where my money goes. I don't want to hear those words all the time when I'm going out: "Where are you going? When you come? Do you come to eat a dinner? I think you're just a few hours?"

I know that my mom is interested of my life and that she wants to know things, but I am 22, I don't want to share whole my life to my parents and I don't want to always tell, what a heck I'm going to do and I don't wanna say exactly, when I will come home...

I wished, that I write a grown up -like story about dogsitters life: what I felt about being a dogsitter, what was nice and what wasn't, what I know now... But I wanted to share my feelings under this sweet journey. Maybe you all understand it? :)

Ok, there we go.

-It wasn't so nice to collect fillings of toys from my bed BUT I learned to smile to it.
-Sometimes I didn't want to wake up in 7.25 am to go a morning walk, BUT sometimes it was quite ok to follow happy dog and feel like a morning zombie. :D (Mmm, beeeeeeeeeeeds...)
-My time was in periods; when I must go to take a walk with Minka. I didn't have a time to go to shop and be in a bar drinking a mojito with my friend BUT I learned to what my life could be if I will hjave a dog and I would live alone.

-Walks, especially a walk in 11 pm.
-Little bunnies eating grass.
-Sleeping with Minka <3.
-Having the whole apartment AND tv, a computer, shower etc.
-Little water turtle Retsi alias Rénee.
-Homemade food.
-And many other things.

I want breakfast! I'm hungry, not-so-zombie! Thanks reading my adventures. :)

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