keskiviikko 1. joulukuuta 2010


In 26th November I reached 50 000 words in Nanowrimo! I'm so happy...

And I can show to you that I don't lie:

Anyways, I totally understood today that crap, now is the first December. I'm confused. Wait a minute... But... but... recently was September! Where all this time went? Perhaps I must to orientate and go to get our Yule lights from the cellar.

Recently I met tree nice witches and I made some nice and tasty little presents for them. Vanilla marengues. And a pentagram from straw.

I tried to make some marengue pentagrams but because
I hadn't any baking papers (just vegetable oil on the
baking sheet), most of them broked.

Here's the recipe:

3 egg white
7 table spoons of icing sugar
(½ tea spoon of lemon juice) <- marengues still succeed without that
1 tea spoon of vanilla powder / "suitably" real vanille or some other spice (yesterday I made cinnamon marengues)

Whip eggs, sugar and juice until they're froth (and when you put the bowl upside down the froth doesn't come out. But I have better idea: dip your finger to the froth and if top of your finger is a drop, you're in the right way).

Suomeksi: Vaahdota kaikki ja sitten kun sormesi kärkeen muodostuu pisara / vaahto pysyy kipossa myös nurinpäin, olet valmis.

Bake 60 minutes in 100 Celsius. Then leave the shutter of oven little open (or put wooden spoon between) and set the oven off. Leave marengues about at least 30mins in to the oven. What bigger marengues are, that more time they need to dry. You can pipe or just stack them with a spoon. I generally use a piping bags.

Eli kuivatatte 100 asteessa marenkeja tunnin ja sitten laitatte uunin nollaan, annatte olla siellä kunnes lämpö on haihtunut - pitäkää huoli, että uuninsuu on raollaan. Mitä isompia marengit ovat, sitä kauemmin niiden kestää kuivua. Puolen teelusikan kokoiset ovat melkein heti valmiita, mutta isommilla kestääkin sitten enemmän. :)


That picture is from Helsinki railway station (beautiful, isn't?):

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