lauantai 18. joulukuuta 2010

Pics of old bakings

From my archives:
These are from my old school, Helsingin palvelualojen oppilaitos, Roihuvuori
Master's thesis. The stumb cake and bisquits.

Flavours: pistachio, cloudberry, cream.

Marzipan pig, 2009, Roihuvuori

Gingerbread house, 2009, Roihuvuori

English fruit cake, leaves and bells from sugar.

Making chocolate, 2009, Roihuvuori.

Chocolate. Filling: blackcurrant puree, white chocolate, anise, vanilla.

One person reserved 5 ginger bread houses from me :) (2009, Roihuvuori)
And more:

Gingerbread pigs, home made. "Choose your feeling"

Macarons, 2010, Roihuvuori

Mousse cake. Flavors of vanilla, raspberry, orange and lemon. I'm very proud of that.

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