torstai 30. joulukuuta 2010

Year 2010, part 5


Lights like stars, Helsinki railway station

from Hämeen sukka, Joulumaailma, Kamppi


A carusel in Joulumaailma, Kamppi

Snowy place near Hesy

Making a painted pillowcase to my cousin.

The alpaca to my brother. It's inside joke.

Mr. elephant to other cousin.

Birthday party of Seamrog

The Yule present to miss S. Bird nest made by me.

Home made owl to Seamrog.

That was my year 2010 and actually I must to say
that it was very good!

"pakurikääpä"- tea in Smoothie and Raw Chocolate course

Yes, I know. I need some pills to get me to normal. ;D

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